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Heal from Infidelity

May 7, 2021

Do you ever cringe when you hear that someone is being “such a victim”? We often carry such harsh judgement around this way of being, although most of us slip into it throughout our lives.

In this episode, I’ll explain what victim mentality really is and all the various ways it shows up. It can be sneaky and...

Apr 30, 2021

Do you know what your values are or why they matter? We often hear of companies having values but skim over the importance of knowing and living by our own.

In this episode, we’re going to dive in to what values are and how they can help guide decisions, know what to say yes and no to, and set parameters around where...

Apr 23, 2021

Pain is a natural part of life. We all experience loss, grief, and transitions. Suffering, however, is optional. In this episode you’ll learn the difference between the natural pain that comes with life events, and suffering that comes from our thoughts about those events.

A great predictor of the experience of...

Apr 16, 2021

Boundaries are often misunderstood. Many view them as a means to control another person, a way to gain power over someone, or as something that will hurt the relationship. The truth is that a properly set boundary invites intimacy and trust.

In this episode, I will be clearing up exactly what a boundary is, and what it...

Apr 9, 2021

Forgiveness can be a touchy subject. Why should we forgive someone who has caused us so much pain? I get it. In this episode, I’ll shed some light on how forgiveness is not actually for them- it is for you.

I’ll go over what forgiveness is, and what it isn’t. Some of the ideas people believe about forgiveness are...